Monday, May 18, 2020

BBandB Deco Spree

Wow my first blog post, who would've thought this lil deer would have a blog but here we are lol. Ok now that I got that out of me let's get to the topic of today's post BBandB Deco, I've been a BBandB Deco fan girl for the longest time. I remember constantly browsing the site and admiring all the beautiful pieces and dreaming of the day I could call one my own. 

When my birthday rolled around in March, I said hey i'm gonna treat myself to some new things! After browsing the website for what felt like hours lol I narrowed it down to three  pieces I was interested in and I planned on picking out only two but then a FREE SHIPPING with $49 purchase banner appeared on the top of the screen and lets just say I have no self control when free shipping is offered lol. I ended up picking out two necklaces and one ring

I waited a few weeks and then I got a shipping notification that my new pieces were in transit to me, I literally waited by my door all day when the package read as "out for delivery" in such excitement and grave anticipation. The jewelry came on a small box with BBandB's logo stamped on it and I thought that was such a lovely touch it got me really hype to open it.

After letting my package sit in the sun and catch some vitamin D it was ready to open.

Upon opening there was a care and cleaning instruction card provided, all the jewelry was wrapped in bubble wrap and pink tissue paper and each jewelry piece individually bagged as well which was another lovely thing to include. I was very impressed with the brand by just these first small things.  

The first thing that caught my eye was Sweet Angel Cake 2nd Gen Long Necklace I fawned over all the small details in the stock photos but the ultimate deal breaker were the small wings, those little wings brought me back to my Sailor Moon days and I knew I needed this on my neck lol. I picked the pink/blue necklace and I really enjoyed the two tone aspect of this piece it provides lots of options for versatility. After taking the necklace out of the bag the first thing I noticed was how light weight it was! Like it felt like nothingness in my hands for such a detailed piece it's light as a feather so I can see myself wearing this piece in and out of Lolita. The various fruits and pearl details all have a glitter/sparkle hue in them and the best part is the glitter is fused with the fruit and pearls so there's no trail of glitter left on clothes. At the bottom of this piece it has a lovely white lace holder. It felt like I was holding a treat from my favorite bakery. This is also the longest necklace I currently own but there is room to make it shorter or keep it at its full length, I adore the length of this. It allows me to wear more than one necklace with this one because two is better than one in my book. Lastly the necklace is a 18K gold plated chain so you know your girl is feeling extra bougie.

The second piece that caught my eye was Winter's Heart Cookie Sandwich Necklace, I've been eyeing this piece since it released in 2018 I was thrilled to see it's still available almost two years later. This piece reminds me of the wintery scenes from The Chronicles of Narnia particularly when Edmund ate the candy the White Witch gave him. There were two chain options available one was a choker style and the other a short 18K gold chain option, because I felt extra bougie since it was my birthday I picked the 18K necklace option. Yall this necklace is living in the year 3008 where do I start with what I love about it?! First off the chain is made of mini stars, there is also a small pearl charm on the chain as well too. So are you ready for this next game changer?! The small charm on this piece is a fully functioning locket! Time to find a tiny Milky Chan picture to put on there. What an amazing touch and the pearl accent on the front of the locket appears to be hand sculpted out of clay and had a diamond like sculpt to it. The cookie sandwich pendant is EXTREMELY detailed all around staring with the realistically sculpted fruit which also has a beautiful shimmer to it! The sax blue macaroons are crazy detailed as well. The best part of them are the iconic feet detailing, shiny crystal toppers and you guessed it more glitter on the macaroon. Moving on to the adorably placed pink roses and teeny tiny leaves next to them and last but not least the details of the sandwich cookies look just like they were pulled right out of the oven. This piece is a little heavier than the other one but the chain is denser and heavier to support it so it's a total win.

Lastly I got the matching ring to Winter's Heart Cookie, the ring is the same as the necklace but is a bit different in the shapes/sizes of the small details.

Which I feel make this another unique piece i'm thrilled to call my own. Another difference is the back of the ring has a lace cover on the back and to finish off this beauty the ring size is adjustable another winner chicken dinner.

But before I sign off I happened to find another BBandB piece on Lace Market, I was on a roll here. I came across a listing for  AiW Alice Macaroon Necklace, I had my eye on this when I looked over the website but I couldn't tell if it was a really deep pink or red stone so I passed on it but the seller offered it a great price so I caved and bought it. This is another long necklace and its 24K gold plated so she is a fancy one. As I first thought the stone in the middle is indeed red but it plays well with the AiW theme and its heart shaped so it's cool with me. This is another light as a feather piece. I barely feel it on my neck as well there is a padlock charm on the chain with lovely pink jewel accents. Now on to my favorite part the details both the macaroons have there lovely feet detailed all around, sandwiched in between them are whip and three different crystals one is centered in the same gold plating as the necklace and the front has a bib that reminds me both of Alice and the white rabbit at the same time….trippy right? And to finish it all off the lovely white bow on the top. This will be a fun piece to work more sax accents into my wardrobe so i'm a happy camper.

Well that's the end my deers, I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I’ll hopefully be writing more post here for you soon you!